Run Away From It All

How is this helpful?

How is this helpful?

Just as I was beginning to enjoy my evening (ie pager turned off, kids in bed and large glass of red wine poured) I stupidly checked a certain newspaper’s online tv and showbiz column and saw this photo.  Ok, well firstly it serves me right for bothering to read the online paper in the first instance, but it’s only 3 days into the new year and already the internet and tv is a wash with weight loss/get fit/new you adverts.  And this really gets on my nerves.  Especially this kind of photo.  It’s 2 years since I had a baby and my stomach doesn’t look like this!  And you know why? Because I don’t have a nanny, a personal trainer, a chef and a contract with a magazine to lose the weight in time for their first edition of 2013.  Any you know what else, what ever you may think I’m not jealous or bitter.  This photo is irresponsible, no one can safely and sensibly lose weight that fast.  And she’s obviously had a boob job.

However I do have a pair of pretty cool new running trainers I got for Christmas and a great park on my door step.  And with the powers of inspirational women like Jenny Scott at Mothers Meeting we have created a running group for South London Mamas.  So ignore slightly irritating and unrealistic photographs of celebs (Patsy Kensit that includes YOU) and come and run with other like minded Mamas, every Saturday at 10am in Brockwell Park.  Meet outside the Lido by the flag.  It’s free, it feels good and all abilities welcome.

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Calling All Mamas!

Inspired my Jenny @ MothersMeeting and Mummy Running I’ve decided to start a running club for like minded Mums in South East London.  If you’re anything like me, your running trainers you bought in the Spring to get you into that that bikini have barely touched the path in the park and your stomach, well it could do with some attention.

So come and run with me and other fellow Mamas every Saturday morning at 10am in Brockwell Park.  Seriously I am by NO means an expert, but I’m sure with Christmas coming we could all do with some exercise.  It’s absolutely FREE, all abilities welcome we’ll probably only manage once around the park in the first few weeks but every little helps!

Email me if you’re keen, bring a mate for moral support and I suppose as a midwife I should make you do some pelvic floor exercises too!

See you on the 1st of December!