Exercise and Pregnancy

Exercising Safely When Pregnant – A Few Tips

If you like working out already then hopefully at such time as you become pregnant you will look after your body all the more. But many mothers to be don’t look after their bodies as well as they should.

Pregnant_hot_tubImage Credit: Pregnant Woman Relaxing

In fact it is a common myth that you need to eat loads because you are “eating for two” when in reality, putting on too much weight whilst pregnant can be bad for you and the baby.

If you are expecting, and you want to keep yourself and your baby in tip top condition, then working out is a good idea, but there are of course some health considerations to keep in mind. Here is a quick guide to working out whilst pregnant:

Stick To Exercises You Know

If you were a regular exerciser before getting pregnant, your body should be able to handle it still when you get pregnant. Be prepared to tone down the activity level gradually though, as the months go by.

If you have not exercised much previously, get into exercising gradually. Don’t immediately start going for long runs, but just stick to a light walk and work your way up.

Don’t Do Dangerous Things

Avoid any contact sports and anything that will or could lead to falling over or getting bumped. Remember that balancing will be harder as the bump gets bigger and a bad fall could injure the baby, so be cautious.

Listen To Your Body

During any exercise, if you start to feel odd in any way, dizzy, feignt etc… Stop doing whatever you were doing. Don’t push yourself like you would do normally and always give your body chance to recover.

If you are already in good shape, consider pregnancy a time for maintenance, not progress. Don’t try to beat a personal best, just be happy to be able to enjoy your workout. If you take your time, but make the effort, you will be able to get back to pre-pregnancy shape again in no time.

Lift Some Heavy Things

This will be great news for many women out there. One of the most important things whilst pregnant is having strong muscles, as your body will be getting heavy and strong muscles will help you to support yourself.

Strength training is good for you in lots of ways, so hit the gym and start training. If you can start early in your pregnancy your body will be stronger as you get bigger, which can help avoid joint problems.

Warming Up And Down

One change that occurs when pregnant is that your body temperature will rise as will your pulse rate. Overheating is an issue, particularly in later stages of pregnancy.

So make sure that you work out somewhere nice and cool and take plenty of time to warm up and warm down – longer than you would normally.

Careful When Stretching

Warming up is important, but be aware that when pregnant your body produces a hormone called “Relexin” which makes you much more supple and stretchy (it helps during child birth).

When you stretch you will find that you are more flexible and can stretch further than you have done for a long time, but if you overdo it you can tear a muscle or worse, so be careful and gentle with yourself.

This guest post was written by Jonathon, a personal fitness enthusiast and nutrition expert who works for Natures Best an online supplement centre.

Calling All Mamas!

Inspired my Jenny @ MothersMeeting and Mummy Running I’ve decided to start a running club for like minded Mums in South East London.  If you’re anything like me, your running trainers you bought in the Spring to get you into that that bikini have barely touched the path in the park and your stomach, well it could do with some attention.

So come and run with me and other fellow Mamas every Saturday morning at 10am in Brockwell Park.  Seriously I am by NO means an expert, but I’m sure with Christmas coming we could all do with some exercise.  It’s absolutely FREE, all abilities welcome we’ll probably only manage once around the park in the first few weeks but every little helps!

Email me if you’re keen, bring a mate for moral support and I suppose as a midwife I should make you do some pelvic floor exercises too!

See you on the 1st of December!