If my blog was my third child…..

it would be in therapy for emotional neglect. I briefly popped over here a few weeks back and it looked a bit sad and hadn’t been updated for ages and I thought ‘oh god I better do something about that’, and then life took over and another week went by and well here I am feeling guilty. Mothers guilt, bloggers guilt its all the same.

To be honest I’m still dreaming of the amazing holiday my husband and I went on to Rio for 10 WHOLE CHILD FREE DAYS. Sorry I just have to sometimes say it out loud to really believe it ever happened, My tan has faded and I’m back wearing jeans. The kids are being their usual selves, my husband and I are arguing about the bathroom tiles and babies continue to be born. Basically life goes on.

But the main reason I’ve been quiet is because I’m writing a book. So kind of quite a big deal except it’s all so surreal I can’t quite believe it’s ever going to happen. But it has to happen because I’ve said I’ll do it. Gulp. I have an agent and a publisher and I can now add writer to my list of credits – mother, wife, midwife, fish finger server, monthly nit checker oh the list could go on.

‘So how the hell is she going to do all those things AND write a book?’ I hear you cry. Well some things have to change but the main thing is I’m going to be writing less for this blog. But fear not lovers of birth stories because that weekly feature will still go on.

A while back I put a shout out on twitter for more birth stories as my file was running on low and you know that’s not good, and a whole load of you sent me your AMAZING stories. If I haven’t replied or thanked you it’s not because I haven’t received them or I’m being rude, it’s because I got sent so many (about 80!) and I’m still going through them all. I never edit or cut your beautiful stories but I love to read them all before publishing them. So thank you every single one of you. And if you still want to send in your story all you have to do is email it to gasandairblog@gmail.com with some photos too. It doesn’t have to be be of the actual birth just of your lovely selves and maybe with your baby. What ever you feel comfortable with.

Part of the book will contain some of the incredible birth stories from this blog, don’t ask me how I’m going to pick which ones as it’s going to be so difficult to chose. But they will vary as I want to cover all types of birth. So keep your eyes peeled for an email from me later on this year if your’s is the chosen one.

I’ll also keep updating my gas&air Facebook page which you can like here to see any articles or links which I think you might find interesting.

So for now I will be taking a sabbatical from gasandair and focus my writing skills in my book, see it still seems so weird to think I will have a published book out sometime in 2017.

Watch this space x

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