Could Men Really Handle It?

Typical man comment

Typical man comment

Watching my husband suffer with an impacted wisdom tooth this week has really got me thinking.  He didn’t cry out in pain as one would expect, but became very quiet  over the course of an evening, hardly ate the meal I prepared for him (unheard of) and eventually said ‘I think I’m dying’.  Of course my initial reaction was to call 999 but he began to explain the severity of his pain, stating that ‘if he had a gun he should shoot himself’ and ‘where on earth is the number for his dentist?’  The irony is, that he hasn’t even got a dentist and he vaguely remembers still being registered at his childhood dentist back in North Somerset, not helpful.

He then said that childbirth was a breeze, and men could handle it without any drugs.  A breeze huh! Try saying that when you’re trying to shove a something to size of a watermelon out of something the size of an orange with a bit of gas and air and a feeble back rub from your other half.  Or as my friend described it ‘as simultaneously shoving four rolling pins up your arse and vag for eight hours straight.  I could go on……

Luckily for my husband , some rather crazy Dutch guys decided they could also handle the pain of childbirth and proved it by filming an experiment called ‘Guinea Pigs’.  Storm and Zeno reveal why they took on this particular challenge, explaining that giving birth is the worst pain there is.  However, since men can’t feel labour pains, the two men used electro-stimulations to simulate contractions so they could experience the distress for themselves.

“Do you think the pain will make us scream,” Zeno asks before the shocks begin.

One of the midwives responds bluntly: “Yes, it definitely will.”

She wasn’t lying.

Propped on a bed with electrodes attached to their abdomens, Storm and Zeno last through two hours of the simulated contractions. Though they try to laugh through the pain, the men appear to be in complete misery as they double over and clutch pillows tightly and eventually reaching for the gas and air.

Haha in your face HUSBAND!  Its really funny viewing, enjoy.

How would you explain to your other half how your labour felt?


7 thoughts on “Could Men Really Handle It?

  1. Can they f***k. Two mad Dutchmen attached to electrodes doth not a labour make. Now,had I been simultaneously performing the rolling pin action you mention above they would have been getting there….

  2. Childbirth is not just a few hours pain – it’s the whole range of being a woman – 9 months of discomfort, period pains, PMT etc and being expected to just get on with seeing to everybody else’s needs. I wonder if they could handle an executive board room meeting whilst going through the menopause & the mother of all menstrual bleeds?

  3. Love reading your blog Clemmie and both my partner and I watched the clip of the Dutch men. Both of us crying with laughter, my partner knows only too well he wouldn’t be able to handle labour or pregnancy having seen me go through it 3 times. Doesn’t stop him whining that it all looks easy!

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